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Complete SEO Checklist for SEO Test and Audits

Posted on: April 26th, 2017 by Hira Fahad No Comments

Hi there, today I have created this detailed SEO checklist for an SEO Test/Audit task. Sharing it with you for your help. You are most welcome to suggest your own points that either I have missed adding in the checklist or maybe I don’t know at all. And also mention what will be your typical charges to do an SEO test/ Audit like this.


The SEO Test/ SEO Audit Report includes:

On-page SEO:

1. Title and Meta description of Homepage and any other important pages (max 2 pages).
2. H1 tag (top level heading tag)
3. H2 to H6 tags
4. Paragraph content
5. image Alt text and image filenames
6. Anchor text(link text)/navigation structure

Technical issues: (only homepage)

1. Page speed
2. mobile responsiveness
3. coding issues (websites developed in javascript coding e.g Wix hosted websites or having heavy inline/internal CSS or javascript coding in the head section)
4. HTML Markup issues
5. CSS Markup issues
6. 404 not found errors
7. www to non-www or non-www to www redirection check
8. XML sitemap and robot.txt files are or not.

Website rankings, PR, and DA/PA

1. Pages are indexed or not (if yes then proceed to step 2 / If not then find the reason)
2. If indexed then are these over or under indexed? (over indexed means malware injected pages, and under indexed means, the non-indexed pages need SEO attention)
3. Google PR
4. MOZ DA, PA and spam score for the homepage.
5. 404 pages indexed in Google.
6. Malware or security check.


1. backlinks count.
2. Business submitted in Google/Bing Places
3. Business submitted in Google sitemap
4. How many high-quality sites are linking back to the client site?

Social Media Presence:

1. Is there any Facebook Business/community page for the website?
2. Is there any Pinterest Profile page?
3. Is there any Twitter Profile page?
4. Is there any Google+ Profile page?
5. Is there any YouTube Profile Page?
6. Are these pages linking to the website?
7. Does the client site have links to the Social Profile pages?

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